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Lithium Batteries (LiFePO4 ): Wiring Diagram
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Lithium Battery Instructional Wiring Diagram


Lithium Battery Wiring Instructions

  • All battery interconnects, busbar and device connections to resist vibration by using nylon insert lock nuts, thread locking fluid, or lock washers (split lock or external tooth).
    • Do NOT stack smaller terminals under large ones 
    • Ensure correct strip length and that stripped wires are completely inserted into terminal before crimping



Battery Bank Parallel Connection Notes

 No more than four (4) lithium batteries can be connected. 

 Connect Sun Cycle Lithium batteries in parallel. Lithium batteries must not be connected in series.

 New batteries should never be connected to old batteries. All batteries should be charged to a minimum of 13V before connecting them together. 

All busbar connections to external devices (inverter, converter, solar controller, etc.) to be equal length and gauge, sized appropriately for each device with suitable positive circuit protection (fusing or breakers).



Products covered in this article: GP-LIFEPO4-100, GP-LIFEPO4-250

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