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PWM-10-FM: Display Troubleshooting
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Troubleshooting Instructions 


Display Reading: Blank
Time of Day: Daytime/Nighttime
Possible Causes: Battery or fuse connection and/or solar array connection (Daytime only) or battery or fuse connection (Nighttime only).


How to tell:

  1. Check the voltage at the controller battery terminals with a voltmeter and compare with a voltage reading at the battery terminals.
  2. If there is no voltage reading at the controller battery terminals, the problem is in the wiring between the battery and the controller. If the battery voltage is lower than 6 volts, the controller will not function.
  3. For the solar array, repeat steps 1 and 2 substituting all battery terminals with solar array terminals.


Check all connections from the controller to the battery including checking for correct wire polarity. Check that all connections are clean, tight, and secure. Ensure the battery voltage is above 6 volts.


Display Reading: Nighttime
Time of Day: Daytime


Possible Causes:
Panel is covered by something; PV panel is too dirty to supply a high enough voltage to charge the battery; PV panel is not connected.


Check the panel and to ensure it is not obscured. Clean the panel if it is dirty. Check that PV cables are connected to the controller. 

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