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Flexible Panel Support: Delamination
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Go Power! warranty covers power output of the Solar Flex panels. If the power output has dropped to below the approved threshold, Go Power! will request a copy of the proof of purchase with a shipping address where replacement panels can be sent.  Any images pictures and the serial numbers of the panels is also requested.


Check Power Output

The first step in any warranty process is to measure the output of the panels individually with a multimeter to determine if the output has dropped.  


Shipping Plastic

Shipping plastic is adhered to the top of all flexible solar panels to limit scratching during shipping. This is typically dyed blue and removed upon installation. If this was not removed the plastic gets baked on the panel and starts to peel away.  It should be visible on the white section of the panel if it was not removed.  It would appear to be bubbling or peeling. The plastic is difficult to remove if the sun has baked it on over time.  

People have been using melamine sponges and "magic erasers" have proven with some success to remove baked on plastic from the panel.


Do not scrape the panel with any sharp items as this could prematurely damage it. 


Products covered in this article:  GP-FLEX-30, GP-FLEX-35, GP-FLEX-50, GP-FLEX-55, GP-FLEX-100

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