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IC Series Inverter Charger: BASIC SETUP
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Start the inverter first before plugging into shore power. If shore power is plugged in before the inverter is booted, if shore power is lost, the inverter will shut down. 


Standby Mode

If the on/off switch on the inverter is applied when plugged into shore power and shore power is lost, the inverter will also shut off.

There will be a green flashing light that appears on the inverter to indicate it is in this mode.


Set Up Instructions: 


  1. Disconnect AC and DC from the Inverter Charger
  2. Re-connect DC to the Inverter Charger and turn it on
  3. Check the two AC circuit breakers on the side of the Inverter Charger to ensure they are not tripped
  4. Set shore power setting to AC source being used 


Re-connect AC power into the IC-2000 and wait to hear the transfer switch click internally to the IC-2000 (if possible). If AC power has successfully passed through the IC-2000 you will hear the click and start to see the charging commence on the remote. You can also check to see the AC in and AC out readings on the remote panel under the "Unit Readings" section. Alternatively you can physically take a measurement on the terminal strip of the Inverter Charger.
Once this has been done you should be able to run all of your devices off of AC power without draining the batteries. If you go above the shore power setting the inverter will supplement the load which will result in potential draining of the batteries.



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