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GPSW Inverter 150-300: Grounding
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How to ground a GPSW Inverter 150-300


The inverter has a chassis ground lug on the rear panel allowing you to connect the chassis of the inverter to ground. The ground terminals in the AC outlets on the front panel of the inverter are internally connected to the chassis ground. If available, the chassis ground lug should be connected to a grounding point, which will vary depending on where the inverter is installed. In a vehicle, connect the chassis ground to the chassis of the vehicle. In a boat, connect the chassis ground lug to the boat's grounding system. In a fixed location, connect the chassis ground lug to an earth ground.


The neutral (common) conductor of the inverter AC output circuit is connected (bonded) to the chassis ground inside the inverter. Therefore, when the chassis is connected to a ground, the neutral conductor is also grounded. These grounding connections conform to national electrical code requirements which state that separately derived AC sources (such as inverters and generators) have their neutral tied (bonded) to ground in the same way that the neutral conductor from the utility line is tied (bonded) to ground in the AC breaker panel of a non-mobile dwelling.


IMPORTANT:  As per the national electrical code, electrical panels in mobile applications must not have a bonded neutral. If the inverter is supplying power to equipment or a panel where the neutral and ground are connected (bonded), a ground loop will occur. If a ground loop occurs on inverters with GFCI outlets, the GFCI outlet will trip and output power from the inverter will be cut off. If your GFCI repeatedly needs to be reset, this indicates a ground loop somewhere in your system. In this case, please have a qualified service technician inspect your electrical system or equipment.


CAUTION: The negative DC input of the inverter is connected to the chassis. Do not install the inverter in a positive ground DC system. A positive ground DC system has the positive terminal of the battery connected to the chassis of the vehicle or to the grounding point.

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