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GPSW Inverter 150-300: Operating Limits
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Operating Limits for the GPSW Inverter 150-300


Power output


Some induction motors used in refrigerators, freezers, pumps, and other motor-operated equipment require very high surge currents to start. The inverter may not be able to start some of these motors even though their rated current draw is within the power rating of inverter. Televisions and computer monitors may surge up to four times their rated power on startup, which may result in the inverter showing an overload fault.


Input voltage


The inverter operates at the following input voltage ranges:

  • 12 V: 10.5 to 15.0 V
  • 24 V: 21.0 to 30.0 V


The inverter shuts down if the input voltage drops below:

  • 12 V: 10.5 V
  • 24 V: 21.0 V

This protects your battery from being over discharged.


The inverter also shuts down if the input voltage exceeds:

  • 12 V: 15.0 V
  • 24 V: 30.0 V

This protects the inverter against excessive input voltage. Although the inverter incorporates protection against over voltage, it may still be damaged if the input voltage is allowed to exceed:

  • 12 V: 16.0 V
  • 24 V: 35.0 V


Products covered in this article: GPSW-150, GPSW-300

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