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GPSW Inverter 150-300: Troubleshooting
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How to troubleshoot a GPSW Inverter 150-300


Television Interference


Operation of the inverter can interfere with television reception on some channels. If this situation occurs, the following steps may help to alleviate the problem.

  • Ensure that the chassis ground lug on the back of the inverter is securely connected to the ground system of your vehicle, boat, or home.
  • Do not operate high power loads with the inverter while watching television.
  • Make sure that the antenna feeding your television provides an adequate ("snow free") signal and that you are using a good quality cable between the antenna and the TV.
  • Move the television as far away from the inverter as possible.
  • Keep the cables between the battery and the inverter as short as possible and twist them together with about 2 to 3 twists per foot. This minimizes radiated interference from the cables.


Troubleshooting Guide - Common Problems



Products covered in this article: GPSW-150, GPSW-300

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