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GP Inverter 225-1000HD: AC Loads & Power Outputs
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Steps for connecting GP Inverter 225-1000HD 


Connecting AC Loads


1. Plug 120 V device(s) into the receptacles. Make sure all devices are turned off, and that they do not use more than the rated wattage during continuous operation, otherwise they may overload the Inverter.


2. Set the power switch to the ON position.


3. Turn the device(s) on, one at a time. If the alarm sounds, turn off the device(s). Unplug the device(s) from the Inverter. Check the wattage of the device(s), and if plugging in multiple devices, discontinue use of one or more. If a single device sets the alarm off, it is not appropriate for use with the Inverter.


4. If the Inverter is powered by a vehicle’s starting battery, be careful not to discharge the battery to the point that it will no longer start the engine. If needed, operate the engine periodically to maintain the batteries charge. Do not operate a vehicle’s engine in an enclosed space.


Power Output


The Inverter will operate most AC loads within its power rating. When determining whether a microwave oven can be operated by the Inverter, remember that the power commonly advertised for microwave ovens is the cooking power (the power delivered to the food), not the power actually consumed by the microwave oven. The microwave oven will consume 40% to 100% more than its advertised cooking power. Check the rating sticker on the back of the oven to determine its actual power draw.


Some induction motors used in refrigerators, freezers, pumps, and other motor operated equipment require very high surge currents to start. The Inverter may not be able to start some of these motors, even though their rated current draw is within the Inverter.


If the motor refuses to start, observe the battery voltage indicator while trying to start the motor. If the battery voltage indicator drops below 11 V while the Inverter is attempting to start the motor, this may be why the motor will not start. Make sure that the battery connections are good and that the battery is fully charged. If the connections are good and battery is charged, but the voltage still drops below 11 V, you may need to use a larger battery.


The following table shows the typical power consumption of common devices. Actual device wattage requirements will vary. Some devices listed may require a pure sine wave Inverter instead or proper operation.


Products covered in this article: GP-225, GP-400, GP-800, GP-1000HD

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