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GP Inverter 225-1000HD: Servicing Precautions & Maintenance
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Servicing Precautions & Maintenance for GP Inverter 225-1000HD


Servicing Precautions


1. DO NOT OPEN HOUSING. Contains no user-serviceable parts. Internal parts may be electrified, even with Inverter off and power disconnected.


2. Maintain labels and nameplates on the Inverter. These carry important safety information. If unreadable or missing, contact Go Power! for a replacement.


3. Have your Inverter serviced by a qualified repair person using only identical replacements. This will ensure that the safety of the Inverter is maintained.


4. Fuses must be replaced with fuses of the same type and rating only.




Very little maintenance is required to keep your Inverter operating properly.

Keep the exterior of the Inverter clean and dry. Unplug the Inverter before cleaning. Periodically clean the outside of the Inverter with a soft, dry cloth to prevent accumulation of dust and dirt; never use water or water cleaners.

When cleaning the Inverter, confirm the screws on the DC input terminals are tight.


Products covered in this article: GP-225, GP-400, GP-800, GP-1000HD

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