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GP-SWR-A Inverter Remote: Features
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Features(Front and Rear View)


Front & Rear View







This is an ON/OFF remote control. The LED indicator light is located above the ON/OFF button. A steady flashing red LED light indicates that the Inverter is ON. A fast flashing red LED light specifies that the inverter is in Reverse Override Function selection status. A slow flashing red LED light indicates that the inverter is in Ignition Lockout Function selection status.


Reverse Override Function (ROF)


In some RV’s, a TV monitor is used in conjunction with a camera which allows the driver to view the area behind the vehicle while reversing. If the TV monitor is in view of the driver, it should remain off, and should only be turned on when the vehicle is reversing. When the gear is shifted to “reverse”, a micro-switch in the reversing mechanism of the vehicle generates a “+” battery voltage signal that can be used to switch on the TV monitor. This is termed as Reverse Override Function (ROF). If the TV monitor is powered from the inverter, “ROF” function will enable to switch on the inverter when the vehicle is reversed and the “+” battery voltage signal is fed to the remote.


In the preset condition of “ROF”, when the “+” battery voltage signal from the vehicle’s reversing gear system is fed to the ¼” male disconnect terminal, the inverter is switched on. When the “+” battery voltage signal is removed, the inverter is switched off.


Ignition Lockout Function


Some low power circuits in a vehicle are energized when the ignition switch is turned to the “Accessory” position to provide “+” battery voltage power to run low power devices such as a portable music device. If the vehicle is not running, high power devices should not be powered as the starter battery will get drained and the vehicle may not start. When the ignition switch is turned to the “Accessory” position, a “+” battery voltage line is available for actuating the required devices. As the inverter is a high power consuming device, it should be switched off when the ignition switch is turned to the “Accessory” position. Hence, the “Ignition Lockout” function is utilized to switch off the inverter when “+” battery voltage signal is fed to the Remote on activation of the “Accessories” circuit.


In the back of the Remote Control, a ¼” male quick disconnect terminal is provided to switch on or switch off the inverter by feeding “+” battery voltage signal. A jumper is provided in the Remote (the jumper is accessible after opening the bottom cover of the remote control) to select either “ROF” function or “Ignition Lockout” function. The Remote Control comes preset in “ROF” position.


When the alternate “Ignition Lockout” function is selected (by changing the position of the internal jumper), the inverter shuts down when “+” battery voltage signal from the “Accessories” circuit is applied and switches on when the “+” battery voltage signal is removed.


The wire feeding the “+” battery voltage signal to the ¼” connector for the ROF or Ignition Lockout functions should have a 0.5A fuse in series for protection.


Selecting ROF or Ignition Lockout Functions


Jumper JP1 is placed inside the remote control and is used to select either Reverse Override Function or Ignition Lockout Function (open the back cover for access to the jumper JP-1).


  • JP1 jumper “OPEN”—Reverse Override Function is selected*
  • JP1 jumper “SHORT”—Ignition Lockout Function is selected

*Please note that the default mode is OPEN


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