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IC Series Inverter Charger: No AC Out When Inverting
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Troubleshooting Steps


Turning on AC

Using the remote,  click Unit Setup > Search Watts > turn to "off"


Secure Loose Connections

Check all terminal block screws, in particular the ones holding wires coming from inside the unit (in the red rectangle in Figure 1).  If these screws are loose, that will limit power output. 


Figure 1 - Terminal Block Screws

Figure 1 - Terminal Block Screws


Further Diagnostics

Check to see if AC is getting out of, the inverter with a multimeter as well as on the inverter remote. Check between ground and hot 1 output at the terminal block screws, as seen in Figure 2 below. 



Figure 2 - Terminal Block Screws


If AC is still not passing through, try a hard reset on the inverter. 

     --> Disconnect AC and DC from the IC-2000-3000, wait an hour to 45 minutes.

     --> Re-connect DC to the IC-2000, 3000 and turn it on

     --> Check the two AC circuit breakers on the side of the IC-2000 to ensure they are not tripped

     --> Set shore power setting to AC source being used (i.e., 50A. 30, 15)

     --> Re-connect AC power into the IC-2000, 3000 and wait to hear the transfer switch click internally within the inverter (if possible).


If AC power has successfully passed through the IC-2000,3000 you will hear the click and start to see the charging commence on the remote.  Running a load in the coach will indicate positive current being put to the battery.

If negative shows the inverter is pulling power off the battery to run loads and not passing power through.

If power still does not pass through there may be an issue with the inverter.

If the issue is occurring with a generator, Try shore power.  If shore power is working but the generator is not there may be a compatibility issue with the generator.

The inverter may not like what it is seeing coming in from the generator.  Check the firmware version on the remote of the inverter.  If below 1935.01 the problem may be able to be solved by a firmware update.

If it still does not work there may be an internal issue with the Inverter Charger. 




Products covered in this article: GP-IC-2000-12, GP-IC-3000-12, GP-ICR-50

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