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Solar Kit Installation: Installing the 30-amp Fuse
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Steps for Installing the 30-amp Fuse


  1. Locate the positive battery cable from the PWM 30.
  2. Plan where you can safely and easily access the fuse holder & fuse.
  3. Cut the battery positive cable from the PWM 30 to the planned lengths.
  4. Strip the fuse holder cable and positive cable from PWM 30 as shown in Fig 4-F.
  5. Thread the red heat-shrink onto the fuse holder cable
  6. Insert the fuse holder and PWM 30 stripped cable ends into the butt splice as shown in Fig 4-G.
  7. Crimp the butt splice fully - test the connection by gently pulling on both cables.
  8. Thread the heat-shrink over the butt splice as shown in Fig 4-H.
  9. Use the heat gun to shrink the heat shrink over the butt splice as shown in Fig 4-I.
  10. Repeat the process for the other fuse holder cable & battery bank connection.
  11. Do not install the 30A Fuse at this stage.

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