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GP-PWM Solar Controller 30-SB: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Before a problem is suspected with the system, read this section. There are numerous events that may appear as problems but are in fact perfectly normal.


How do I use this controller? 

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It seems like my flooded batteries are losing water over time.


Flooded batteries may need to have distilled water added periodically to replace fluid loss during charging. Excessive water loss during a short period of time indicates the possibility of overcharging or aging batteries.


When charging, my flooded batteries are emitting gas.


During charging, hydrogen gas is generated within the battery. The gas bubbles stir the battery acid, allowing it to receive a fuller state of charge. Important: Ensure batteries are in a well-ventilated space.


My voltmeter shows a different reading than the GP-PWM-30-SB display.


The meter value on the GP-PWM-30-SB display is an approximate reading intended for indication purposes only. There is an approximate 0.1 volt inherent error present that may be accentuated when compared with readings from another voltmeter.


There may be a slight difference between the battery voltage displayed on the GP-PWM-30-SB display and the battery voltage measured at the battery terminals. When troubleshooting using a voltmeter, check both the battery voltage at the GP-PWM-30-SB controller terminals and battery voltage at the battery terminals. If a difference of more than 0.5 volts is noted, this indicates a large voltage drop possibly caused by loose connections, long wire runs, small wire gauge, faulty wiring, a faulty voltmeter, or all the above. Consult the Suggested Minimum Wire Gauge chart in Section 5 for wiring suggestions and check all connections.


What causes a warning signal and when are the warnings triggered?



Why does the battery SOC% never reach 100%?


A 100% value will only appear after a 30 min Boost at 14.4V or Equalize charge has completed. The charge voltage must be maintained for an extended period of time to replenish the energy in the battery bank back to its rated capacity.


If the charge voltage cannot be maintained continuously, then the actual time it takes to complete Boost or Equalize charging may take much longer than 2 hours, even more than 1 day.


If loads are consuming more power than the solar panels can supply, then the battery bank cannot be charged to 100%.


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