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GP-PC Solar Controller 10-20: Cautions & Warnings
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Safety Warnings and Instructions 


Please read the instructions and warnings in this manual before beginning installation.


Please do not disassemble or attempt to repair Go Power! products. Go Power! charge controllers do not contain user serviceable parts.


NOTE: It is important the battery receives a full charge at least weekly. If not, the battery will get permanently damaged. The battery cannot receive a full charge if the loads are too large for the system.


High Voltage Risks


Operation of this device may produce a high voltage which could cause severe injuries or death in case of improper installation or operation of this device.


Do not touch any electrical conductors to avoid electrical shock.


Never work on live (energized) electrical equipment.


When working around a battery, do not allow tools to bridge the battery terminals or short circuit any part of the battery.


Use only tools that have insulated handles.


PV modules can generate high DC voltages!


Mains & Charging Current Risks


Make sure the cables are always connected to the correct terminal. An electrical shock can be lethal.


Products covered in this article: GP-PC-10, GP-PC-20

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