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IC Series Inverter Charger: GENERAL INFORMATION
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This document contains important safety instructions for the products produced by Go Power! Read all instructions and cautionary markings on the product and on any accessories or additional equipment included in the installation. Failure to follow these instructions could result in severe shock or possible electrocution. Use extreme caution at all times to prevent accidents.

All electrical work must be performed in accordance with local and national electrical codes. These instructions are for use by qualified personnel who meet all local and governmental code requirements for licensing and training for the installation of electrical power systems with AC and DC voltage up to 600 volts.
Installation, maintenance, and connection of inverters must be performed by qualified personnel, in compliance with local electrical standards, wiring rules, and the requirements of local power authorities and/or companies.

Safety regulations relevant to the location shall be followed during installation, operation, and maintenance. Improper operation may have a risk of electric shock or damage to equipment and property.


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