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IC Series Inverter Charger: DC CABLE CONNECTIONS
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When installing the battery cable ring lug onto the Inverter/Charger DC terminal and the battery post, do not put anything between the ring lug and the metal surface. Incorrectly installed hardware causes a high resistance connection which could lead to poor Inverter/Charger performance and may melt the cable and terminal connections. Refer to figures on page 21 to connect the DC Cables and to install the hardware correctly. Use a 13mm wrench or socket to tighten the M8 x 1.25mm Nuts. Tighten the terminal connections securely. Periodically check the connections to make sure they remain tight and secure at 16 in lbf (1.8 N-m).

To help prevent seizing and corrosion around the terminals, the use of an anti-seize lubricant is highly recommended. Apply the antioxidant grease or spray after all the connections are made and tightened.

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