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WARNING: Lethal currents will be present if the positive and negative cables attached to the battery bank touch each other. During the installation and wiring process, ensure the cable ends are insulated or covered to prevent shorting the cables.



WARNING: DO NOT connect the DC Wires from the battery bank to the Inverter/Charger until all the DC and AC wiring is complete and the AC and DC overcurrent protection has been installed.



The IC Series are 12V Inverter/Chargers so the battery bank must be wired in series, parallel, or series-parallel to provide the correct voltage: 12V. Example battery configurations are shown on page 23. The interconnecting wires between the individual batteries must be sized and rated exactly the same as those used between the battery bank and Inverter/Charger.

For the IC Series to perform optimally a 200Ahr battery bank must be used for light/moderate loads (<1000W) and for heavy loads of 1000W> a 400Ahr battery bank is recommended.

To ensure the best performance from your Inverter/Charger system, batteries should be the same size, type, rating, and age. Do not use old or untested batteries.


WARNING: The Inverter/Charger is not reverse polarity protected. If the Inverter/Charger is wired incorrectly severe damage will occur and will not be covered by the warranty. It is advised to clearly mark the positive and negative cables coming from the battery bank. Use red and black electrical tape to clearly indicate positive and negative cables.


DC Positive and Negative Wires

  • Connect the negative cable from the battery bank negative terminal to the Inverter/Charger’s negative terminal. Mount the DC circuit breaker or fuse assembly and leave open (no power to the Inverter/Charger). Connect the positive cables from the circuit breaker/fuse to the battery bank and to the Inverter/Chargers positive terminal.
  • Ensure the DC wire connections are flush on the surface of the DC terminals and the hardware used to hold these connections are stacked correctly. Verify all DC connections are secured tightly.
  • Attach the red and black terminal covers (see below) over the Inverter/Charger’s DC connectors and secure them in place with the supplied screws.

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