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IC Series Inverter/Charger: AC WIRING
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The AC cables link the Inverter/Charger to the main panel and the sub panel. These cables handle the incoming alternating current (AC) utility or generator power, which can be passed through the Inverter/Charger to directly power the main appliances (pass-through mode) and/or used to charge the batteries (charging mode). It is important to select the correct wire size and to provide adequate over-current protection between the Inverter/Charger main panel and sub panel.

The following points must be observed for the AC Wiring:

  • Review the safety information at the start of this manual before completing any AC wire installation steps.
  • All AC Wiring must be approved for the application (RV, Marine, Residential). For RV applications, this may be solid wire in multi-conductor cables, but stranded wire is required if single conductors are used.
  • All wiring must be rated to 75 degrees celsius or higher.
  • Do not connect the AC Output to an AC Power source (generator/shore power). Severe damage may occur and will not be covered under the warranty.
  • Always use properly rated circuit breakers/fuses.
  • Color code and label all the AC Cables coming to/from the Inverter/Charger. Use colored electrical tape or heat shrink tubing.
  • Make sure all cables have a smooth bend radius and no kinks are present.
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