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The IC Series Inverter/Charger should always be connected to a permanent, grounded wiring system. An Inverter/Charger system that is properly grounded will reduce the risk of electric shock, and reduce radio frequency noise. The main aim of any grounding system is to provide a well defined, very low resistance path from the electrical system to the grounding system. The
low resistance grounding path carries fault currents directly to ground if the electrical system malfunctions.

The neutral and safety ground should be connected at the AC source. The AC source could be shore power (utility power), generator or the Inverter (battery bank). The AC neutral should be connected to one safety ground at a time. This single connection is required to make the electrical panels neutral line safe by connecting it to ground. If more than one connection between the neutral and ground is made, currents can circulate between neutral and ground and cause ground loop currents. Ground loop currents can trip GFCIs and cause an electric shock hazard.

When using the IC Series in inverting mode and when using multiple other AC power sources (shore or generator power), there is the potential of having multiple connections between neutral and ground. The Inverter/Charger automatically switches the neutral to ground when switching from Inverting to AC pass-through mode.

In inverting mode the relays switch to position 1. This means the AC neutral output is connected to the chassis ground on the IC Series, which is usually connected to the earth ground on the RV, work truck, or boat.








In AC pass-through mode, the relays switch to position 2. The chassis ground to neutral output on the Inverter/Charger is disconnected and the AC power source neutral to ground (usually located at utility panel or generator) is used to provide the neutral to ground for the AC power being used in the RV, work truck, or boat.

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