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Issue: Backlight is blinking when connecting the load for the first time
Remedy: the B- and P- wires on the shunt are wired backwards.

Issue: BMK-25 screen is blank
Remedy #1: When the battery current is low the GP-BMK-25 will enter a low
power (sleep mode) and the backlight will turn off, press any button and the
backlight will turn on for 10s.

Remedy #2: Check the connection if the screen does not respond. Then charge or discharge the battery and check whether the display current is equal to the actual current. If the deviation is large, please check the connection.

Issue: The GP-BMK-25 State of Charge is inaccurate or resets to zero or 100%

Remedy #1: It could be that the way your battery is being used is causing the
state of charge to reset prematurely. For more accurate SOC, complete the
following steps:
1. The High V and Low V should both be set to zero
2. Turn all loads off
3. Turn battery charger on
4. Wait for voltage to be 14.1 (Gel) / 14.4 (Flooded or AGM) / 14.2 (LiFePO4)
and current into battery to be 1.5% - 2% of Ah capacity of the battery
5. Hold up arrow on BMK to reset SOC to 100%
This manually synchronizes the SOC of the GP-BMK-25 with the SOC of the
battery, and can be done as often as is desired.

Remedy #2: Check that the shunt is wired in the correct orientation according
to the wiring diagram in section 3.5 of this manual.

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