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Solar All Electric Kits - GENERAL INFORMATION
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Congratulations on purchasing your Go Power! Solar All Electric Kit. You have chosen a clean, quiet and sustainable power source. Go Power! Solar Kits allow you to power appliances off-gird, without hooking up to shore power or a noisy generator. Go Power! solar kits will keep your batteries charged, ensuring you have power when you need it.


This large mobile DC power system is designed for full-time living—even powering a residential-sized electric refrigerator, in addition to lights, fans or water pumps. To power AC electronics or devices off-grid, such as a television or coffee maker, a DC to AC power inverter (sold separately) will be necessary. As with any off-grid power systems, the user is required to manage electrical loads to ensure continual power availability for essential services like the refrigerator. Your location and season (hours of sunlight available) play a role in how much energy can be harnessed from this kit.

NOTE: This manual will aid in the process of installing the Go Power! Solar All Electric Kit. Please read and understand this manual and all included manuals before installing the Go Power! All Electric Solar Kit. Review all diagrams included in this guide for the easiest and safest installation. Please retain this manual for future reference.

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