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PWM-30-UL Support for iOS users
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iPhone PWM-30-UL Bluetooth Issues:

To ensure the app is working perform a re-installation of the app following the instructions below.

If this isn't your first time connecting to the PWM-30-UL and the app shows a blank screen or no data click here.

iPhone Delete and Reinstall

1.Locate your Go Power! Connect app and hold over the icon until an "x" appears. Click on the "x" to uninstall the app.




2. Once the app is removed, please go to the App Store and install the "Go Power! Connect" app once again. Proceed to the next steps in forgetting your Go Power bluetooth device.




Forget Bluetooth Device

1.In your iPhone settings, locate the "Bluetooth" settings and enter.



2.Locate the "GPPWM30BLE" device, this is the PWM-30 controller and must be forgotten to re-pair.




3.Select the device and click "Forget This Device". Now proceed to adding the Device onto the newly installed app.




How to Add Device


 1.Install the APP and hold the “A+B” buttons on the PWM-30-UL controller for roughly 5 seconds until the bluetooth logo is blinking




   2.Load Into the app and select the “+” icon located on the top left of the “Device Selection” screen








   3.Select the PWM-30 Controller you wish to connect to and that’s it!




    4.Please “disconnect” from the controller once you're done using the APP (to prevent the bluetooth driver on the PWM-30 from going out of sync).




    5.If there is a Blank screen or no values showing once loading into the PWM-30-UL please go to this section below. If any other error persists, please follow the Bluetooth Trouble Shooting Guide. 


Blank Screen Issue or No Data is Shown after Connection


a) Please “Forget Bluetooth” Device




b) Uninstall the App




c) Re-install the App 




 d)Perform a Soft Reset by Holding all 4 buttons for roughly 5 seconds until blinking



e)Follow the “How to Add Device” Procedure & connect


f)If Issue repeats, perform a Hard Reset by momentarily disconnecting power from either connections depending on how many batteries are connected to the PWM-30 controller

  • If the user has only one battery, they will need to disconnect the Battery 1 + Terminal momentarily for 10 seconds then reconnect power.
  • If the user has two batteries, they will need to disconnect Battery 1 & Battery 2 positive connections to the PWM-30 momentarily for 10 seconds then reconnect power.






g) After Hard reset is completed, start at Step a) again. If issue persists, contact GP Tech support for assistance.




For more support information, click here.

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