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Solar All Electric Kits - SOLAR PANELS
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WARNING: Photovoltaic panels generate DC electricity when exposed to sunlight or other light sources. When exposed to light, contact with the electricity active parts of the panel, such as terminals, can result in burns, sparks and lethal shock whether the panel is connected or disconnected.





When panels are connected in series voltages are additive. Consequently a system assembled from photovoltaic panels can produce high voltages which constitute an increased hazard. Do not touch the terminals while the panel is exposed to light. Cover the panel faces completely with an opaque material to stop the production of electricity when working with panels or wiring – the cardboard shipping boxes are the perfect option to cover glass surface of the panels.

1. Locate the solar panels on the RV roof replacing each of the boxes used in the planning step.

2. Locate the CEP on the RV roof.

3. Test that the solar panel cables can reach each solar panel (See Figure 2-B).



WARNING: Do not connect the solar panels together at this time.






4. Test that the end solar panel cables can reach the CEP (panel last in line).

WARNING: Do not connect the solar panels to the CEP at this time.






5. Thoroughly clean the RV roof around the hole in the area the mounting feet will be located.

6. Use the #10 x 1” screws provided in the kit to secure the 4 solar panel mounting feet to the RV.



WARNING: All 4 mounting feet must be securely fastened to the RV roof.

Failure to do so could cause the panels to be thrown from the RV while it is underway.







7. Apply sealant under and around each of the 4 mounting feet to ensure a watertight installation. 


Use appropriate sealant as recommended by your RV Dealer for your RV roof.

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