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Solar All Electric Kits - SOLAR DISCONNECT(S)
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The solar disconnect is a device which serves as a means of disconnecting power from the GP-MPPT-40 charge controller if maintenance or service is required.


1. The solar disconnect must be installed between the CEP and the GP-MPPT-40 charge controller. It should be mounted close to the GP-MPPT-40 preferably in the same space if possible. (See Figure 4-F).

2. Remove the disconnect cover, internal switch and switch mounting screws before drilling the following clearance holes.

3. Drill 4 clearance holes (0.201”) for the #10 x 3/4” mounting screws through the provided housing mounting template on the back wall of the disconnect housing.  (See Figure 4-G). Note, the disconnect housing may also be mounted using the 2 slots at the top and bottom.

4. Drill 4 clearance holes (0.625”) for the cable glands through the provided housing entry template on the top and bottom walls of the disconnect housing. (See Figure 4-G).

5. Insert the 4 cable glands through the 0.625” clearance holes and thread on the locknut. Restrain the base of the cable gland with the 13/16” wrench  and tighten the locknut with the 7/8” wrench to 33-38 in. lbs. (See Figure 4-H)

6. Using 4 of #10 x 3/4” screws, securely mount the solar disconnect. (See Figure 4-I).

7. Cut the solar positive (red) and negative (black) cables at the disconnect. Feed the cables from the CEP through the top cable glands. Feed the other cut cables ends through the bottom cable glands. (See Figure 4-J).


The cables should feed to through the cable glands to the switch terminals according the following table.









8. Strip 1/4” of the insulation from the cables and insert into the correct switch terminal, as noted in the table above. Torque the terminal screws to 12-15 in. lbs. (See Figure 4-K)

9. Mount the switch to the disconnect housing using the switch mounting screws included with the disconnect. (See Figure 4-L).

10. Torque the screw terminals to 12-15 in. lbs.

11. Ensure there is no tension on the cables. Restrain the cable gland base with the 13/16” crowsfoot wrench and tighten the cable gland sealing nuts around the cables with the 13/16” wrench to 33-38 in. lbs.

12. Install the disconnect cover using the 2 cover mounting screws included with the disconnect. (See Figure 4-M).

13. Use the 1/4” black cable cable clamps to secure the cable to the RV.

14. For the SOLAR-AE6 kit, repeat steps 1-13 for the second solar disconnect.





















































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