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WARNING: Before starting this section ensure the circuit breaker is in the off position.

Ensure that correct polarity is being observed when making connections to the batteries. Serious damage to equipment could result if these instructions are not followed exactly. 



1. Connect the negative (black) cable from the GP-MPPT-40 to the battery’s negative terminal. Connect the positive (red) cable from the circuit breaker to the battery’s positive terminal. Tighten according to the battery manufacturer’s recommendations.


The individual batteries must be connected together before the connection to the GP-MPPT-40 is made. (See Figure 5-G for typical battery configurations). Go Power! recommends the use of the Go Power! GP-AGM-100-12V or 
GP-AGM-224-6V batteries with this kit.­

2. The GP-MPPT-40 will now be powered

3. The installation is complete. Remove the opaque material from the solar panels.

4. Switch the Circuit Breaker and Solar Disconnect(s) to the on position.

5. Follow the GP-MPPT-40 User Manual for setup and operating steps.















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