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7 Pin Trailer Plug Adapter
- Use your existing trailer plug to access your battery for charging





30’ Extension Cable
- Park your RV in the shade and place your solar panel in the sun using this extension cable.







1. Locate a sunlit area, free from overhanging branches or obstructions.

2. Remove solar panel kit from carrying case.

3. Unclip the two latches on the side of the unit and fold the two panels outward. Extend the two support legs to their maximum length and lock in position.

4. Place solar panel facing the sun.



Avoid any shading no matter how small. An object as small as a broomstick held across the solar module may cause the power output to be reduced. Overcast days may also cut the power output of the module.

To obtain maximum output it is suggested that the panel’s direction be frequently adjusted to track the sun’s movement throughout the day (southerly exposure). 

5. Connect battery clamps to the positive (red, +) and negative (black, -) battery terminals. Ensure that the connection is secure. Connect the battery clamp cable to the rest of the solar panel cable using the quick connect cable.

Ensure the battery clamps do not come in contact with one another.
Do not let water come into contact with the controller.


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