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MPPT-PRO-60 - Warranty

Go Power warrants the GP-MPPT-PRO-60 for a period of five (5) years from the date of shipment from its factory. This warranty is valid against defects in materials and workmanship for the five (5) year warranty period. It is not valid against defects resulting from, but not limited to: • Misuse and/or abuse, neglect,…

MPPT-PRO-60 - Installation

TOOLS AND MATERIALS NEEDED • Screwdriver. • Multimeter. Note. If the solar controller was purchased with a Go Power! RV Solar Power Kit the UV resistant wire is included. For instructions regarding the Go Power! RV Solar Power Kit installation, please refer to the installation guide provided with the kit INSTALLAT…

GP-RVC-MPPT-10 - Features

# FEATURES • Advanced multi-peak tracking technology. When the solar panel is shadowed or part of the panel fails resulting in multiple peaks on the I-V curve, the controller is still able to accurately track the maximum power point • Built-in maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm significantly increases ene…

GP-RVC-MPPT-10 - Product Dimensions

# Product Dimensions ![][1] [1]:

GP-RVC-MPPT-10 - LED Indication

# LED Indication Chart ![][1] [1]:


# HOW TO CHANGE THE RV-C INSTANCE NUMBER The instance of the solar controller on the RV-C network can be configured using the SET button and LEDs. Up to 5 unique instances are supported. To change the instance follow these steps: 1. Hold the SET button down for approximately 3 seconds until one of the LEDs starts fl…


# INSTANCE NUMBER IDENTIFICATION The RV-C instance of an individual controller can be identified by the 5 LEDs on the controller shown below. ![][1] [1]:

GP-RVC-MPPT-10 - Specifications

# Specifications ![][1] [1]:

GP-RVC-MPPT-10 - Appearance

# DIAGRAM ![][1] [1]:

MPPT-PRO-60 - Wiring for parallel operation

Multiples of the GP-MPPT-PRO-60 can be wired in parallel to charge the same battery bank for increased charging current. When wired in parallel the controllers will coordinate to ensure they work together to provide as much power to the battery bank as possible. **Note.** Only the battery output can be wired in paral…

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