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ISW Inverter 700-4000: Features
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ISW Inverter Features Map





Power saving adjustment - This dial is used to adjust the power saving function, it is used to set the input and wake up power thresholds.


Function Switch - This dip switch is used to select between different voltages, frequencies and to turn the power saving mode ON and OFF. 


Function LEDs - These 3 LEDs are used to display (1) Input Voltage Level, (2) Output Load Level, (3) Fault Conditions.



AC Output Socket or Output Terminal (3000W and 4000W only) - Use these sockets/ terminal to connect the AC loads (appliances) to the Inverter.


ON / OFF / REMOTE- Use this button to turn the inverter ON, OFF or to switch the inverter into REMOTE MODE.




Products covered in this article: GP-ISW-700, GP-ISW-1000, GP-ISW-1500, GP-ISW-2000, GP-ISW-3000, GP-ISW-4000

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