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IC Series Inverter Charger: Unit Not Turning On
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How to troubleshoot the IC Series Inverter Charger







The relays that allow pass through need power from the battery to operate. If the battery voltage has dropped below the Low Voltage Disconnect point on the inverter, it will not turn on and it will not pass power through and charge the batteries.


To check the incoming volt levels, use a multimeter to check first at the back of the inverter. If no power is present move to the fuse and see if there is battery voltage on ether side of the fuse.  If there is current on one side of the fuse but not the other, then the fuse is blown. and needs to be replaced.


If the battery voltage is low, you will require an alternate source of charge to get the batteries above the Low Voltage Disconnect (or LVD) point in order to have the IC Series able to help with the charge.


The default LVD on the IC Series Inverter Charger is 10.5 VDC. 


Once above this value the inverter can be turned on and shore power applied so the inverter can help with the charge. 


If you have 12 VDC connected to the back of the inverter try the following reset process: 

  • Disconnect AC and DC from the IC-2000-3000, wait a half hour to 45 minutes. 
  • Re-connect DC to the IC-2000, 3000 and turn it on 


If the unit does not turn on there may be an internal fuse blown or an internal issue with the inverter. Contact our Tech Support team for further instructions. 


Products covered in this article:  GP-IC-2000-12, GP-IC-3000-12

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