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Solar Kit Installation: Installing the PWM-30 Controller
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Ensure the Solar Panels are covered. Cover the panel faces completely with an opaque material to stop the production of electricity when working with panels or wiring – the cardboard shipping boxes are the perfect option to cover glass surface of the panels.

  1. Use the template included in the GP-PWM-30 Manual to mark the four mounting holes and the “cutting line for flush mounting”.
  2. Drill the mounting holes.


  1. Use a keyhole or jig saw to cut along the rectangular outline previously marked.
  2. Cut the MC4 extension cables to length, allow some excess for strain  relief/flexibility.
  3. Use the leftover cable to connect the controller to the batteries ensuring the 30A Fuse is installed as per 4.7. If extra battery cable is required to connect to the battery bank, Go Power! recommends using an equivalent cable to that supplied with the kits: 10 Gauge Wire rated to – UL/cUL/USE2.
  4. Mount the controller to the wall using the four wood screws provided.
  5. Ensure the back of the controller is protected from damage by any object.

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