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Winterizing Your Solar System
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Winterizing Your Solar System

Nobody wants the RV season to end. But when it does, properly winterizing your solar system will ensure everything is in the best possible condition when spring rolls around. It can also save you money — RV batteries are expensive, and proper storage will preserve their performance and extend their lifespan.

Here are the top ‘to-dos’ for winterizing your RV solar system:


In Cold Climates (temps below 32F)

  1. Cover your solar panels with a protective material that does not allow light to pass through. We recommend using a dark-coloured tarp or plywood, with plywood being the best option.
  2. Label your solar panel wires ‘positive’ and ‘negative’
  3. Unhook your solar panels from your solar controller
  4. Fix wire nuts on the positive and negative leads from the solar panels
  5. Disconnect your batteries and store them inside in a warm, dry place preferably off the floor on something like a wooden pallet. (AGMs can handle temps lower than 20F)
  6. Check the batteries monthly and charge them if necessary


In Warm Climates

There is no need to ‘store’ your RV solar system in warm climates unless your RV is parked indoors or in very low sunlight. If that’s the case, simply follow the cold climate storage directions above.


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