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The 30A RV-C MPPT solar controller is an advanced dual bank controller with RV-C communication for smart RV systems. As an MPPT Solar controller it continuously monitors the solar panel’s generating power and tracks the maximum power point, enabling the system to charge the battery with maximum power all the time. It is designed to be used in off-grid solar photovoltaic systems to coordinate operation of the solar panel, battery, functioning as the core control unit in
off-grid photovoltaic systems.

With comprehensive electronic fault self-detecting functions and powerful electronic protection functions built inside the controller, component damage caused by installation errors or system failures can be avoided.

This product features an optional LCD remote which displays the operating status and allows the control of configurable parameters. Users can conveniently check parameters using the buttons and modify control parameters to cater to different
system requirements. The optional remote also includes Bluetooth communication that allows a smart phone to be conveniently used to perform all the same tasks that the LCD remote can.

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