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• Advanced multi-peak tracking technology. When the solar panel is shadowed or part of the panel fails resulting in multiple peaks on the I-V curve, the controller is still able to accurately track the maximum power point
• Built-in maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm significantly increases energy utilization efficiency of the photovoltaic system, (up to 30% higher than traditional PWM charging)
• MPPT tracking efficiency of up to 99.9%
• Power conversion efficiency of up to 98%
• Lithium battery reset capability allows a BMS protected over discharged battery to be automatically recovered without having to disconnect the battery
• Presets for multiple battery chemistries, including LiFePO4, Flooded, Gel and AGM
• Supports user customized charge parameters
• Current-limited charging mode. When the power of solar panel is too large and the charging current is higher than the rated value, the controller automatically reduces the charging power so that the solar panel can operate at the rated charging current.
• Features LED fault indicators, which can display abnormal information, helps users to quickly identify system faults.
• Historical data storage function is available
• Minimal derating up to the maximum operating temperature
• Dual-battery management
• Temperature compensation and automatic adjustment of charge parameters help to improve battery life.


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