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1. Before doing anything, disconnect all wires from the negative side of the battery.
2. Cut the negative cable for the battery and crimp on new ring terminals. Alternatively, use a new wire of appropriate gauge to carry the full current demand of the system.
3. Connect the shunt as shown in the wiring diagram above.

NOTE: The negative terminal of the battery must connect directly to the “B-“ side of the shunt and there should be no other connections to the negative terminal of the battery.

4. Using the red wire, connect the ring terminal end of the wire to positive of battery. The other end connects to B+ of Shunt.

NOTE: Do not stack smaller terminals under large ones.

5. Connect the Shunt to the GP-BMK-25 using the shielded wire to test. If done correctly the display will turn on. Disconnect again so remote display can be mounted.

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